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Toll Drivers Unanimously Ratify First Time Contract

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History Is Made!

Teamsters Local 848 Leads The Way To An Historic Agreement.

On December 30, 2012, the port drivers at Toll UNANIMOUSLY ratified their first-ever contract (54 -0), with nearly 90% of the unit voting.

DSC00645On April 11, 2012, these workers had an NLRB election that sent a very clear message to the company with a three to one (46-15) vote count in favor of forming a union in their work place. These brave Teamsters overcame Company intimidation and threats to sign a multi-year agreement that provides for job security, better wages and benefits, improved working conditions, and retirement language.

This is an historic contract since it has been more than three decades since any port drivers have become newly Unionized. In the 70s & 80s, deregulation and the miss classification of drivers (Owner Operators as Independent Contractors) created an environment where non- union companies were undercutting each other and the demise of unionized companies occurred because they could not compete. Truck driving is a core industry for the Teamsters and with the inception of “Change to Win” it was time to get back to these core industries.


The last “new” contract ratified in the ports that we know of was achieved in the late 80s. It is clear that the success of this agreement paves the way for all port drivers across the Country to speak up against their employers and become Brothers and Sisters of the Teamsters Union.

Teamsters Local 848 Secretary-Treasurer Eric Tate led the negotiations that brought these drivers the respect and dignity that ALL port employees most certainly deserve.  “Local 848 is honored to represent these drivers” stated Mr. Tate. “It is only through their perseverance and unwavering desire to become Teamsters    that we were able to be successful in these difficult negotiations.

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They are the newest Unionized port drivers in the nation but will not be the last, thanks to their core belief that being a Union member provides a better life for their families. This contract proves that.” I would like to say thank-you to the IBT for their support of the port campaign, Vice President Fred Potter, Jason Gately & the rest of the port division, Vice President Randy Cammack & the rest of Joint Council 42 for their support and the representative of the freight division for Teamsters Local 848 Preston Richie for all of his hard work.

I hope every Teamster will welcome them with open arms into the Union as members of Teamsters Local 848 and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters.

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Toll Group Workers Ready For Contract Talks

Toll Proposal Meeting 5

Toll Group workers attend final proposal meeting before negotiations are to begin. On April 11,2012 these workers had an NLRB election that sent a very clear message to the company with the three to one (46-15) vote count in favor of forming a union in their work place.



Toll Group Drivers Attend First General Membership Meeting Since their 46 to 15 NLRB Election Victory on 04-11-12

Although the election certification was still pending for the drivers at Toll Group, that didn’t stop them from having their first meeting at Teamsters Local 848 as winners of recent NLRB election that ended up in a 46 to 15 win. As the Toll Drivers were introduced by Eric Tate, the 848 Rank and File extended a very warm welcome in support these pioneers of the Ports.


Workers at Toll Group Say Teamsters “YES” by a 3 to 1 margin !

Despite company efforts to instill fear and intimidation, the workers at Toll Group cheered as the vote count was read with a overwhelming 3 to 1 ratio making Teamsters Local 848 their sole bargaining representative for hours, wages and working conditions. Firing workers and hiring labor consultants to try and convince these workers that the union is not the right “Fit” for them had little if no effect on the outcome of the election as organizers from the International Brotherhood of Teamsters along with voluntary organizers from multiple locals did a superior job of educating and informing the workforce.

Fred Potter International Vice President and Director of the Teamsters Port Division delivers a message and congratulations from Teamsters General President James P. Hoffa along with Teamsters Local 848 Secretary Treasurer Eric Tate.

News articles:    In these Times,   Yahoo News,   Left Labor Reporter,   The Journal of Commerce


Great Turnout at Toll Group Rally

Southern California weather provided a fantastic day for the workers of Toll Group as they held a Pre Celebration Rally at there work place. Special speakers included Janice Hahn, U.S. House of Representatives and Eric Tate, Secretary-Treasurer from Local 848 with special appearances from the Joint Council 42 and Local 848 trucks. Employees are having an election for representation to become Teamsters.

Teamsters Port Division

Janice Hahn Supports the Port Drivers

Secretary-Treasurer Eric Tate


Teamsters Invite You to Pre Election Rally For Drivers at Toll Group / Teamsters Te Invitan





Historic Vote at the Ports


Join Labor advocates, Port Drivers, and community members in a pre – vote celebration.

Show your support for the port truck drivers at Toll Group – soon to be Teamster Members.

Where: Toll Group Wilmington Yard, 710 East G Street, Wilmington, CA. 90744

(Near Anaheim Street and Eubank Ave) Time:  4:00 pm

Info: (562) 888-1011

Voto historico En Los Puertos

Celebración el día antes de la votación. Unete a líderes laborales, camioneros del puerto y miembros de la comunidad y apoya a los choferes de Toll Group – quienes muy pronto serán miembros oficiales de los Teamsters.


Yarda de Toll Group en Wilmington

710 ests de la Calle G

Wilmington CA 90744

(Cerca E Anaheim St and Eubank Ave)


Come support our future

Brothers & Sisters at


as they gear up for their HISTORIC election on

April 11, 2012 to become members of Teamsters Local 848.

This election will mark a turning point of the 30

year labor struggle at the LA and LB Ports.

Join them from March 27, 2012 until April 11, 2012

4:00p.m. – 6:00p.m.
640 Eubank Ave.
Wilmington, CA. 90744

for more information contact Jason Gateley @ (202) 437-5327

Come Share your Teamster Story.

Visit: Grim Truth at Toll