Teamsters Take Action

These three words are the cornerstone of the Teamster’s participation in making lives better for working families across America. When you read about the fight for the rights of the working middle class, these words will be in the story somewhere. Members of our great Union do not sit on their hands when injustice is forced upon our fellow Brothers and Sisters. We get involved! Apathy should never be in our vocabulary. When called upon, WE ARE THERE!

Below are links where you can be a part of the fight. It does not take a lot of your time to sign up for TTAC (Teamsters Take Action Center), but you will be lending your voice to the millions of hard working Americans in the Labor movement. You can receive email messages of action campaigns on your phone and participate in electronic letter campaigns. These campaigns will help you to get your voice heard by politicians at the local, State, and Federal level. NOW is the time to step up and become a part of working Americans that want to see justice for the middle class. It only takes a minute of your time to sign up below.  Without your voice, the resulting silence will be deafening.

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