Voter Registration

As you are all aware, the act of voting is both a right AND responsibility of all Americans. This is especially important for the Brothers and Sisters of Labor. It is through the blood and sweat of hard working people like you that afford businesses to thrive and prosper. You are the Country’s backbone, the strength of America, the working middle class. Now is the time to make your voices heard or we will all suffer the consequences. With the attacks around the country on organized labor, your future and the future of your family are at stake.

You have a chance to make a difference. Take your responsibility seriously and vote. Be informed of the issues. If you have not registered to vote, make it your number 1 priority, NOW! There will be articles on this site informing you of the issues facing the survival of working men and women and the critical importance of your vote. Participate and join us in making politicians accountable to US, not big money lobbyists and corporate greed. It’s up to you.

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